Kingdom RockFest is a free, professional Christian rock concert traveling to communities and reservations to minister to the youth that are bound by alcohol and drugs. We are also a platform for the Native American Christian musician teamed with National Christian musicians.


Our Vision:

In five years Kingdom RockFest will have traveled to many Native American / Indigenous populated areas, changing the lives of those directly associated with alcohol / drug abuse and stopping the cycle of suicides and death.


With new found hope our youth will become leaders of tomorrow.


Our Mission:


Provide professional alcohol / drug free concerts with National headliner and Indigenous groups


Promote sober living and healthy lifestyles.


Give hope through positive Indigenous role models and positive message


Encourage positive core values and spiritual influences


Train the youth and young adults in the management and financial aspect of the busiess


Guide the youth to be responsible, caring, and good stewards


Create a professional platform for exposure of Indigenous musicians


Travel to Native American / Indigenous populated areas throughout the world.